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Folliculitis describes a rash of small red bumps and pustules that may itch or be mildly painful. These result from inflamed hair follicles in the skin.

Hair follicles grow on all parts of the body except the palms and soles, so folliculitis can appear nearly anywhere.

Mild cases are common and clear up without any treatment after several days. Some cases may, however, require medical treatment.

There are several reasons that hair follicles might become inflamed, including:

Speak to your doctor if the rash does not improve after two or three days, appears to spread, recurs often, or is accompanied by a fever or a more general feeling of being ill. These may be signs that antibiotics or other medications could be helpful.

Mild folliculitis can be managed at home:

If treatment is recommended, the treatment plan will depend on the suspected cause and severity of symptoms.

Folliculitis may be avoided by following these steps: